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Healthy Green Smoothies

Green smoothie

I love green smoothies when I need to use up some vegetables in the fridge.  By the addition of some staples, you can ensure it always tastes ok.  I do a version for kids that is a little less green. 

Each green smoothie should be based around a liquid (such as almond milk or water), some fruit (I use frozen, for creaminess and texture, some vegetables and a protein source (such as whey powder or almond butter).  To make a very green smoothie, rather than sludge brown, use spinach!  Froxzen berries also make a darker smoothie.


- a cup and a half or so of your chosen liquid. You can use water but it's not as tasty

- a cup of frozen or fresh spinach (can also use chard, kale, beet green, romaine lettuce, carrot tops, collard greens and celery)

- a frozen banana (fresh is also fine, just not as creamy)

-a cup of frozen fruit of choice (mango makes it greener, berries less so)

- optional extras - maca powder, ground flax seed (for omega 3)

Always add the liquid first so the other ingredients don't get stuck on the blades of your smoothie maker.  Start on a low speed and move to high gradually. 


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