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About Me

I am a mother of three with a background in professional services and a keen interest in outdoor sports. I lead a busy, hectic life and I need my energy levels to remain high to support my lifestyle.   

It hasn’t always been this way and I have had  periods in my life when I have struggled with my health, having experienced chronic fatigue, severe sinus issues and other health issues post-natally. I knew I had to make changes but I was bamboozled by the variety of advice on offer and frustrated that conventional approaches couldn’t help. Perhaps this resonates with you?


The jigaw puzzle getting you back to health and vitality

I have the kind of personality that wants to work out the “hows” and I also love reading and researching. After I recovered,  I realised I had also found a passion and wanted to help others. I then began studying nutritional therapy with the renowned Institute of Optimum Nutrition which took me four years.  A "functional medicine" approach is adopted which looks for the root cause of symptoms rather than fixing symptoms.


It's highly individual 

My passion now is helping others find their own route back to vitality. It can’t be said enough – we are all highly individual and unique and because of our own genetic make-up and experiences, each route back to health is similarly highly individual.  Perhaps you know you need to eat differently but are overwhelmed. Perhaps your friend tried paleo but it hasn’t worked for you. We are all different.  

Family health

I work with all chronic conditions but have a particular affinity for women suffering fatigue/burnout, chronic infections such as UTIs, sinusitis as well as mood issues and anxiety/mood issues in children and young people. 

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About Me


Free Consultation

I offer a free, 20 minute phone call consultation to better understand your health and discuss if nutritional therapy could help you. If I cannot help, I will refer to you someone better suited to your needs.

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