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Consultations – what happens?

Before your appointment, you will be asked to keep a short food diary for three days and complete a questionnaire. During your appointment, we will assess the nutritional needs for you to achieve normal physiological function – a state of balanced wellbeing. We are aiming not to just stick a plaster on your issues, but look at the root cause, which means we work on prevention, too.

We will review the following areas: 


  • Energy & Immune Function – Frequent Colds | Infections | Fatigue    

  • Skin | Hair | Nails – Rashes | Acne | Thinning Hair | Dry Skin | Ageing

  • Gut & Digestion - Bloat | Heartburn | IBS

  • Weight Management – Fat & where it is stored

  • Hormonal Health

  • Excretory Function

  • Toxin & Pollution Exposure

  • Stress & Sleep


We will discuss whether tests will be helpful to obtain more information – either from the GP or privately although tests are not always required.

An individual plan

Together, we will work on a plan to provide detailed dietary and food changes unique to your concerns, with some sample recipes and suggestions, such as what to keep in your kitchen and what to grab when you are out and about. Please note that I like to ensure that practical, personal and financial factors are considered when coming up with your plan to ensure it’s achievable and workable.

Your plan will be emailed to you after the session. I am available for support after the session by email and phone. You can see me once but most people find that a number of regular sessions are helpful, especially for longer standing issues.


Free Consultation

I offer a free, 20 minute phone call consultation to better understand your health and discuss if nutritional therapy could help you. If I cannot help, I will refer to you someone better suited to your needs.

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